The Correct Eye Shadow

There are different eye shadow colors that are suitable for each eye color. However, it is important to match the colors with your skin tone, otherwise, you may end up looking dull and washed out.

Credit: Valeria Lipovetsky Yt Channel

The first thing to consider is what eye color is going to be most flattering for your eye color. If you have blue eyes, then darker colors would be the most compliment. Brown eyes are the ones that get the best shades of blue. By using a combination of colors along with a dark color, you can make your eyes look brighter.

Dark colors are going to be the main feature of your eye shadow. Any color that is darker than your eye color will help your eyes look bigger. However, keep in mind that any color that is lighter than your eye color will make them look smaller. When you are looking for the right eye shadow color, you want to pay attention to the blending as well as the way the colors blend.

If you have pink eyes, you want to use a plum color in a minimum amount. Using a darker shade of pink in addition to the light powder will help your eyes look like they have more depth. You can use lighter colors as long as they are lighter in comparison to the darker shades.

If you have green eyes, you can use any color that is the same color as your eyes. Using a darker shade for your eyes will make them look larger. Again, you want to avoid using lighter shades. If you have gotten a tan in the sun, you may want to use brown in conjunction with navy blue to make your eyes look great.

Hazel-eyed beauties are going to look fabulous with warm browns. In fact, if you want to make your eyes look even bigger you will want to use three colors that work well together. This is going to make your eyes look like they are closer than they really are.

If possible, when you are applying color you want to keep your eye shadow exactly together with you. If you were to part your eye in the middle it would look far from natural. You should apply the lightest color all along the top of your lid, the medium color in the middle, and the darkest color on the bottom. This will create a localized look, and your eyes will seem to close and seem closer together.

When it comes to blending, you want to use your brush or blending sponges for each eye shadow. Although, for some women, this is more of a hassle than it is worth. The good news is that there are many tips to help you blend eye shadow so that it will not look unnatural.

The first method of blending is to use your finger. You lightly brush over the area where you want the color to be blended. This works best when you are using a lot of shadows. Remember to add the dark color exactly as close to the lashes as possible, or it will seem too dark.

The second method of blending is to use your fingertip. place your finger in the center of the lash line, and using a circular motion, trace the line traced out from the inner corner of your eye to the outer edge. Once you have wholly finished blending, you can employ a brush or a pad or pal to blend the colors together.

The last method of blending is known as the laser method of blending. It is a very easy way of blending because it uses a laser beam that highlights the areas that need to be blended. For this method, you will find that you do not need brushes, and you can apply the blending spots to your eyelids.

Understanding the science behind the blending spots is a great way to enhance your application techniques. Learning how to draw attention to the areas that need to be done can help you save time and money when it comes to craftwork. Now that you understand the basic blending theory, you can be able to generate a design that meets your aesthetic goals. Practice the way that you apply smoky eyes, and you will never look like you need to spend lots of money to make them look great.

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