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Most men help prevent that excess hair by shaving regularly. But, that can be difficult since it may cause nicks, as well as darker skin. Here are some options for hair removal:

Hair Removal Tips

• Pluck and thread them – prepuce the hair in the shaft above the skin by using tweezers or a specially designed waxing product. Once ready, wait for the hair to dissolve and then remove them with a swift, firm movement. Remember to use moisturizing lotion after each pluck.

• Use sugaring – a sticky paste composed of natural ingredients, sugaring can be applied everywhere, to the shoulders, legs, arms, chest, as well as eyebrows. It will remove the hair from the skin’s surface by separating the hair’s protein fibers. It should be used in the bath or shower.

• Wax it (50 shades of gold for men!) – is a brand of waxing strips, which is applied over the hair for ten minutes each day. The golden tint reflects the light and tricks the eye.

• Shave – is a simple solution of chopped shaving gel, soap, and water. The hair is trimmed using a sharp blade or trimmer. The blade or trimmer is then filled with soap or water and then rinsed off. Shaving should be done against the grain in the direction of hair growth.

• Use hair removal creams – depilatories are lotions or creams that are applied to the skin to dissolve the hair and prevent its re-growth.

• Try hair inhibitors – for men who hated having to go through the hassle of electrolysis, trams, or waxing, hair inhibitors are the answer. The inhibitor solutions reduce the growth rate and also thin the hair strands until they soften and fall off.

• Consider electrolysis for men – electrolysis is a permanent form of hair removal. If after completing the initial sessions, a man still desires to remove his chest or back hair, then he should opt for electrolysis. Electrolysis is expensive, time-consuming, and may not be suitable for all areas of the body.


In general, to achieve good hygiene, men should stick to the basics and follow routines that won’t cost them a fortune. They should also ensure that they keep their hands and hair clean at all times.

• Shower every day – it is essential for men to shower every day to remove the dirt that accumulates over a workday. Men who didn’t routinely shower as infants often fail to realize that shampooing and shaving are essential, as it washes away the dirt particles that accumulate in the hair shafts. Showering should be done twice a day, ten minutes before and after working out.

• Keep it clean – for obvious reasons, it is essential to keep their hair and body clean. Always provide sufficient time for body care, and ensure dryness of hair is avoided.

• Use hair tonics and conditioners to maintain moisture – tonics and conditioners not only maintain hair moisture but also prevent and repair the damage.

• Dispose of used-up hair accessories – when men tend to sweat a lot, it is best to get rid offfee-switch back bobby pins, hair ties, and other used accessories that can collect dust and be a potential hazard.

• Get rid of stubble – for obvious reasons, it is best to avoid shaving every day. However, when there is a special occasion to go to, it is not uncommon to go for a touch-up. Make sure to keep the hair clean and in tip-top condition to avoid a repeat of recent events.

• Maintain a good, healthy diet – not only for appearance’s sake but also for overall health. Make sure to eat several servings of salads, fruits, vegetables, and other food high in vitamins and minerals.

• For a refreshed-looking face, avoid heavy sleep – every person is different, but generally, it is better to get the recommended eight hours of sleep every night.

• Working around the house – as mentioned earlier, everyone works hard during the day. It is recommended to take a break every hour or so, and combine the working around with cleaning your insides and outside.

• Lessen your alcohol consumption – drinking too much is never good and is unhealthy. To keep your waistline down and aid in the removal of body fat, you should work to drink less than one drink per day.

• Pay attention to moves that are within your control – as mentioned earlier, steps can be taken to help reduce weight. One good move that many people make is taking the stairs instead of elevators. elevators put you in harm’s way since they are on a lower level, and if you fall down you fall prone to injury. stairs will maintain your balance and allow you to reach your desired weight.