Credit: Jorge Fernando Yt Channel

Isolated Eyebrow Hair

As I was growing up, a very prominent and very beautiful aunt took care of my eyebrows.  She would pluck the stray hairs and soak tweezers in the root.  She would apply the planed eyebrows using a brush of fine hair.  She got the idea from a painting of upside-down Egypt in which the actors’ eyebrows had been painted.  She would apply the same technique to my eyebrows. 

She would pluck the very first hair as I read about her technique in books.  But I have to admit that the method is quite spare and simply divine.  With the stroke of a magnifying mirror and a steady hand, you can tweeze out every hair from your eyebrows.  But this is not all. A mere Knowledge of Scissors is not always enough.  You must have the knack of matching the right hairs to the right brow.

The right pair of scissors is essential. They call it in the book, will not cut the hair.  They say that the right pair of scissors can help you make an excellent pair of brow brushes.  What good is this knowledge if you do not know how to use them?  I shall show you how.

The pairs of scissors you will buy will be a good investment if you plan to use them for brow trimming or to trim other kinds of hair.  It is essential for you to choose sharp scissors; otherwise, you will end up snipping your hair.  Good sharp scissors will help you avoid poking your eye.  Once, you have found the right pair of scissors, start trimming the hair around the brow. Use a good pair of brow brushes to brush the hairs and shape the brows.  This is a matter of personal opinion but you may believe that a pair of eyebrow brushes are better than a pair of scissors.

How to use the pair of tweezers that you have.  First, they need to be sharp.  Try to find a pair of Tweezers that is dog-shognous.  I have found the Tweezerman Tweezer to be very effective.  I would suggest you always use a sharp pair of tweezers.  Find a good mirror where you can properly view your facial from.  Once you have a symmetrical face, only then can you see the difference between your eyebrows.  Alternatively, you can ask a friend to do it for you.

Something important that you must know is the method of grooming.  You should know if you are a left or right eyebrow groom.  The difference is basically grooming needs to be done on both sides of the same brow.  For grooming on the left side, you need to brush the brow hairs upward and out while grooming on the right side needs to be a little bit more dramatic.  It should be noted that you can also use a hand mirror to check if you have got the right placement.

After all, grooming is not just about tweezing.  There are other aspects to a good brow lift.  You might want to know how long it will take to grow back, how much it will cost and if it will change my face shape.  But before you do any plucking, waxing, or threading in a salon, you may want to try a few tricks out first. 

Using an eyebrow growth product may get you the long-needed curl you were going in for.  Hair removal creams are also becoming more popular.  The reason for this is that most of these creams are approved by the FDA so they help to get rid of hair painlessly and effectively.  In addition to that, they are much cheaper than having waxing or tweezing done.

So take the time to check out the various methods that are available for getting rid of that nasty complexion.  It may be far more effective to get a laser treatment instead of going through the pain of waxing.  If you are not sure which laser treatment is best for you, give it a try.  There is no pain involved and you will see great results in a couple of weeks.  Congratulations on getting rid of that embarrassing hair!