Laser mole removal is a trend now. Moles are round or oval spots on the skin, usually dark-colored. Most are quite flat and, consequently, do not protrude much. They can be present since birth – sometimes called “birthmarks”.

In childhood, or during the teenage years, moles can often disappear by themselves, but if they persist for 2 or more years they are permanent. At this stage, mole laser removal can be an effective way to get rid of them.

Even then, many people will decide to leave them alone, particularly if they are on a part of the body that is usually hidden by clothing, or are so small that they do not seem to matter. When one or two moles are visible on the face, they are called “beauty spots”, and everyone wants to have flawless skin.

What is involved in mole laser removal?

The laser beam light penetrates the skin and seals blood vessels that bleed, causing the skin tissues to swell and reveal the underlying mole cells. The tissues swell to make the appearance less obvious. In the best of cases, the skin around the mole is dissolved, but other areas of the body may be affected.

The mole cells are then killed by the body’s own immune system. There is usually less than 1% of scarring at the treatment site, which can be dealt with by repeated treatments. This works for many people, but it is best to discuss alternative methods, such as trying out topical creams and ointments, before resorting to laser treatments.

Moles can be pre-cancerous at the early stages of development, and the risk of malignant melanoma is high.

laser mole removal

For that reason,

Mole laser removal should only be opted for those moles which are shown as at the early stages of development.

Before laser mole removal you can ask your doctor to show you what the best option is, as some may be more effective than others.

You can see an outline of the mole and how far it goes into the skin. This is important, as some treatments can be carried out only with a small layer of skin.

The laser mole removal works by using a special light which sends laser oxide deposits what is effectively vaporised by the heat from the laser.

This destroys the root of the mole, guaranteeing that it will not grow back.

However, the treatment does not guarantee that the mole will not grow back.

It is this that makes several treatments necessary, as the probability of a growth returning is high.

What are the pros and cons of laser mole removal?

Here are the pros uses of laser mole removal for mole removal:

1. If the mole is smaller than 5 millimeters in diameter, it can be treated with a laser.

This ensures that the recurrence of the mole is very low and that it can be completely eradicated through laser treatment.

2. This treatment is relatively painless and procedures do not cause much pain as a side effect.

3. It is a lot less expensive than other mole removal procedures and there is no need to undergo painful surgery.

4. In this treatment, there is usually no side effects or reactions.

5. This treatment leaves little or no scars.

6. It is a safe technique.

Again, there are a lot of disadvantages to laser mole removal:

If the mole is larger than what is considered a cosmetic mole, then it can be difficult to remove completely through laser surgery.

The procedure can leave even a small but significant scar on the skin.

The risk of infection is extremely high in this procedure.

The risk is worsened if the healing process is slow.

This procedure is only good for surface moles.

The risk of having more severe side effects is higher.

What are the pros and cons of laser surgery on a mole?

The risk of scarring and infection is higher as compared to using other procedures. Scarring is almost certain with mole laser removal, which is why many prefer this process.

This process is better at taking care of your skin. It is even better when it is done right.

In this process, there is less risk of having more severe side effects. Unlike other procedures, there is usually no need for a general anesthetic.

Less pain is also felt during the procedure. It is almost like numbness as when we eat food. No need to go to the hospital just to undergo mole laser removal.

The mole gets a lighter tone in color too. It will become smaller and rather quickly disappear.