About Skingical


Why Choose Skingical

Skingical is all about bringing together skincare and magic.

Skingical is designed to help you look and feel your best, day after day. Our collection of skincare products combines the best of modern skincare, including a host of skin-boosting ingredients and plant extracts, with magical elements like herbs, incenses, essential oils, and gems. It’s like a potion that works like magic, but is designed to be used on the skin.

Inspired by magical works such as Harry Potter, Sleeping Beauty, and The Princess and the Frog, we strive to offer skincare that reveals beauty’s true power. This is why we created Skingical.

Skin Care Center

With the skin care center feature, we are able to answer your skincare questions and help you along the way to the perfect skincare journey!

Skin Matchmaker

We provide skin matchmaker feature to find the right skin care for all skin tones and skin types. 

Support Women Equity

We help women with financial hardships and skin diseases by donating 10% of profits to them.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Our Mission

Skingical aims to help every woman with personalized skincare recommendations based on her skin tone. In line with our belief in totality, we act in a total way. We are not just providing women with the best skincare products, but also providing them with information and inspiration.
We are confident that through this mission, women will have access to the right skincare products and the knowledge of how to use them effectively, enabling them to live their best lives

Skingical Ethos

We Leave No Woman Behind

We think the process of being hopeful, being really opportunity oriented, not just in rhetoric but in action, showing that no one get’s left behind, not just by talking about it but by doing it, We think is really a key.

We Believe Truth is Everything

You, me, and our mutual end goal depend on our willingness to be direct with each other. Taking the time to stare at ourselves in the mirror and tell the truth requires that we be willing and prepared to do so.

We Believe Holistic Beauty for Health & Wellness

Skingical present a blend of soluton, blog and product recommendations with the aim to promote health and wellness. We are able to curate a comprehensive list of products and treatments for the wide range of skin needs and concerns as a result of our knowledge and expertise.

Our Experts

Jonathan David

Creative Director

Lavena Aroda

Art Director

Radostina Doe

Market Analyst

Kalee Wahet

Marketing Head

Seto Rolla

Product Director

Khaal Wastine

Creative Artist

Janvee Kaur

Product Manager

Jane Bullock

Creative Artist

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